peanut butter

Peanut Peeling

Yep, its that time…

Time to make the peanut butter!

Pb Original NP

Step 1:  Peel 10,000 peanuts

Well not me of course. But someone has to peel them. Turns out a machine does that job for me. The peanuts are placed in slotted drums containing screens of different sizes. This drum rotates the peanuts making them rub against each other until the shells are opened and the peanuts fall out. The peanuts are sized on screens that permit the smaller peanuts to fall through…Again size does matter.

peanuts 1.jpg

Step 2: Blanching

Peanuts are cleaned again and “blanched”. Blanching is simply the removal of the reddish skin covering the kernels. In dry blanching, the peanuts travel through warm air for a period of time to loosen the skins. Then they go through a machine where large rollers rub the surfaces until the skins fall off.

peanuts 2

Step 3: Roasting

Peanuts can be roasted two different ways. They can be oil-roasted in cookers that take a steady stream of peanuts through hot oil for about five minutes. After draining, the peanuts are salted evenly. Or they can be dry-roasted where they are cooked in a large oven by dry, hot forced air after which salt is applied. The blanched, roasted and salted peanuts are packed in containers for you and me.


Step 4: Recycle


No worries…they recycle. The shells can be used used in fireplace logs, fiber roughage for livestock feed and kitty litter. The skins can be used for paper making.

You can learn more about peanuts here

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