Baseball season, a love hate relationship

For the last 7 weeks, I have been to a baseball game every Thursday through Sunday.


Not to mention Farmers Market on Wednesdays.


So that leaves me with Monday and Tuesday to get into the kitchen and make the peanut butter or fill orders.

I’m not complaining! I’ve loved this years group of families.  It was a great season and the boys played some great baseball. But I find myself realizing in one more month summer is done. It’s back to school. Back to preparing for the Holidays which is hard to accept, because technically I feel my summer is just beginning. However I am excited to get back into things and have more time to put back in to my business.


I have a list of seasonal peanut butter flavors on my agenda, one I will introduce next week and more throughout the fall and winter.  We are also checking our bee hives for mites and making plans for all the little ones during the cold months.


I’m also mentally preparing for my one and only to get his drivers license this September. A blessing that I don’t have to chauffeur him around anymore and complete anxiety that he will be RACING around town on his own with every other crazy driver out there.



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