Apothecary Skin Care

2 Step Skin Care

If your like me your skin care regiment has changed drastically through the years depending on the new trend. Fortunately with all the information we have about certain chemicals and additives to women’s skin care and makeup the trend for a while now has gone to natural and DIY formulas. Which leads me to my daily skin care routine.

DIY Skin Care Products

For the last 10 years or more I have been washing my face with homemade soaps and moisturizing with homemade body butter. I am a makeup wearer but very minimal and none on most summer days. I try to stay out of the sun as much as I can and never use sunscreen. Hats, umbrellas, tents and old fashion shade are my arsenal for the summer sun.

summer sun

I wash my face once in the morning and before bed. The soap is always made up of ingredients like, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil or other types of natural oils. My latest favorites are a unscented uncolored oatmeal baby soap, great for any parts that are sensitive. And my buttermilk and honey soap bar. Nothing better for your skin. Honey is naturally antibacterial, so its great for acne and extremely moisturizing. Buttermilk is rich in probiotic lactic acid and used for exfoliating the skin.

handmade soap

The soaps are rich and creamy leaving my skin soft, feeling free and clear. Which leaves me not wanting to cover it up with layers of makeup. I hate having foundation on my face especially in the winters when I’m bundling all up with jackets, hats and scarfs where they rub against my face transferring my fake complexion all over those items. I’m not one to do laundry any more than I have to!

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Are you eating your honeycomb?

Honeycomb and Heart Sunshine

5 Health reasons you should be chewing on honeycomb

The honey stored within the honeycomb is the purest, rawest form of honey, and the wax the honeycomb is made of has nutritional value and health benefits.
Honey straight from the honeycomb has all the main amino acids and necessary B, C, D and E vitamins. Honey also packs a punch of powerful and essential enzymes. By chewing honeycomb that is made out of beeswax, you are allowing an active biological compounds to enter your body.

honey comb 1
1. Good for your teeth:
Chewing honeycomb is actually an effective method in cleaning your teeth and gums, removing plaques, and disinfect oral cavity.
2. Allergy relief:
Chewing honeycomb regularly can help alleviate sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose especially during allergy seasons. Allergy symptoms often disappear after 30 minutes of continuous chewing.

honey comb 5
3. Raises good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol:
Honeycombs have the same source of good fatty acids that is found in fish. Honeycombs have very long chain fats and alcohols. These fats aren’t just any kind of fats because it offers plenty of health benefits for the heart. Research claims that the fatty alcohols can significantly reduce bad cholesterol while at the same time increase good cholesterol.
4. Great for your skin:
Honey contains potassium which means that bacteria won’t be able to survive in it due to this ingredient. This makes it perfect for applying to the skin. Honey is used in treating scarring, facial moisturizer, mask and body scrub.

honey comb 3
5. Perfect energy booster:
The glucose in raw honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly providing sustained energy. It is known that raw honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar.

So in other words, getting your honey straight from the honeycomb is the purest honey you can find.

Honeycomb and Sunshine       Get your raw honey & honey comb HERE!

peanut butter

Peanut Peeling

Yep, its that time…

Time to make the peanut butter!

Pb Original NP

Step 1:  Peel 10,000 peanuts

Well not me of course. But someone has to peel them. Turns out a machine does that job for me. The peanuts are placed in slotted drums containing screens of different sizes. This drum rotates the peanuts making them rub against each other until the shells are opened and the peanuts fall out. The peanuts are sized on screens that permit the smaller peanuts to fall through…Again size does matter.

peanuts 1.jpg

Step 2: Blanching

Peanuts are cleaned again and “blanched”. Blanching is simply the removal of the reddish skin covering the kernels. In dry blanching, the peanuts travel through warm air for a period of time to loosen the skins. Then they go through a machine where large rollers rub the surfaces until the skins fall off.

peanuts 2

Step 3: Roasting

Peanuts can be roasted two different ways. They can be oil-roasted in cookers that take a steady stream of peanuts through hot oil for about five minutes. After draining, the peanuts are salted evenly. Or they can be dry-roasted where they are cooked in a large oven by dry, hot forced air after which salt is applied. The blanched, roasted and salted peanuts are packed in containers for you and me.


Step 4: Recycle


No worries…they recycle. The shells can be used used in fireplace logs, fiber roughage for livestock feed and kitty litter. The skins can be used for paper making.

You can learn more about peanuts here

To purchased my flavored gourmet peanut butter go to www.reidsgourmet.com


10 a.m. Wine

Is 10 a.m. on Saturday to early to relax?

wine 2 NP

I’ve always been a create entrepreneur.  It’s the only thing I know how to be.  So why has it taken me 20+ years to figure out how not to STRESS OUT and give it all up!

I’m creative…..right? I should be able to brainstorm a great way to relax.

So far what I have come up with is to not think about it. “Ignorance is bliss”  No I’m not ignoring that bills need to be paid or work needs to be done. I’ve learned not to let those negative thoughts of self doubt creep in. I found if I don’t block them immediately my day can go down hill rapidly.  I’m working on redesigning my map of all those thoughts and beliefs I’ve learned. How do I know if they are true?

“I’ll never make anything of myself.” –  “I don’t have what it take to succeed.” – “I’m not disciplined enough.” – “I’m not smart enough.” – “I will never be worth the money I want to make.” – “I’m a failure.” – “I can’t do this.”  I could go on and on and on and on……..

What I do know is that people make a great living and life from their dreams. They keep going. They adapt and learn new things everyday. They don’t need to be rich, they just need to create…..

This is me!

So if you want to drink wine at 10 a.m. on Saturday….you go right ahead. ENJOY!


Grab n’ Go

Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks 1

Grab n’ Go!
Reid’s honey sticks are great to take with you to work and travel. Knowing that your always getting pure honey. Not only can you use them for your tea, coffee, hot water with lemon or even drizzled on top of a salad, toast and sandwich. They also are great for that sweet treat craving.

Honey Sticks 2

They are approximately 1 tsp. of honey.

Snip off one end of the straw and either squeeze honey out or let it seep into hot liquid.

These make great party favors for showers & weddings.

Reid’s honey is a mixture of red & white clover and whatever else the bee’s find growing around them like blueberries and wild flowers!


Indonesian Peanut Sauce

Authentic homemade Indonesian peanut sauce

Indo Peanut Sauce

Peanut butter has its place at every meal and there’s nothing better than peanut sauce! This recipe with add the perfect balance of flavor to any meal.

Seriously you can drizzle it on everything!!!

This is a homemade Indonesian recipe I got from my mother-in law. It’s quick, it’s easy and I make different versions of it according who is home for dinner.

I use my honey peanut butter for an all around peanut sauce

PB Honey NP

or my spicy for those who can take the heat!

PB Spicy NP

I drizzle this on Satay, stir-fry, roasted broccoli, spring rolls, noodle dishes, wraps and yes even tacos. Peanut sauce….it should be a staple in your kitchen!


In a sauce pan on med high add
1/2 cup diced onion saute in 1 TBS oil then add six next ingredients
1 cup Reid’s peanut butter
2 TBS soy sauce
2 TBS water
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp coriander

slowly stir in
1/4 cup coconut milk
3/4 cup water

stir until smooth and heat to desired temperature. Stirring occasionally not to burn

You can make this sauce up to three days ahead and makes enough for 2-3 meals





Banana Sandwich


A great tasting, super easy, healthy after school snack!

I don’t know about you but when I grew up I thought I was going to die of hunger when I got home from school.

When I was in grade school things like Little Debbie, Twinkie and Planters Cheese Curls came onto the processed food scene. They were marketed to mothers for a great snack in our packed lunches and after school treats.

I don’t even want to think about how much of those toxic foods I ate on a daily basis growing up.

As a mother I wanted my child to get the best all natural foods we had available.

A Little Choc

This Banana Sandwich was and still is a favorite!

*  banana sliced lengthwise

* reid’s gourmet peanut butter

* reid’s gourmet raw honey

* cinnamon

* raw cacao nibs or grated chocolate

spread nut butter on 1 banana slice and drizzle with honey
sprinkle cinnamon
sprinkle chocolate

place other half of banana on top, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze