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Are blueberries making you sick?

What are blueberries?

They are a perennial flowering shrub which the berries grow in clusters. They especially like the  North America climate.


I’m from Michigan so I’m surrounded by blueberry fields. I live down the road from one that also has a store where they make and sell blueberry goods. Items like blueberry muffins and their famous blueberry donuts…YUM!

I also did what every kid did growing up here, picked blueberries in the summer for money. They were long very hot days which ended in a stomach ache, which made me think they can’t be that good for you if they made you feel sick. My sister and I last one week. If we didn’t quit we were sure to get fired for eating the merchandise.

The older I got the more I realized what a hot commodity we had growing in our back yard. Not to mention the continuing health benefits we were learning blueberries had such as:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Strengthen bones
  3. Help fight cancer
  4. Lower bad cholesterol
  5. Boost brain health
  6. Protect heart health
  7. Amp up weight loss
  8. Sooth inflammation
  9. Support digestion
  10. Treat urinary tract infections
  11. Prevents signs of aging
  12. Promote hair growth
  13. Alleviate IBS
  14. Reduce muscle damage
  15. Prevent or delay ocular issues
  16. Aids in preventing dementia
  17. Act as a antidepressant
  18. Treat diabetes
  19. Promote detoxification
  20. Boost immunity

Blueberry PB 7

So how many blueberries should you eat? One cup of blueberries has 7.4 grams of fructose, so if you limit your intake of fructose from other sources, you can eat a cup of blueberries a day and still be well within the healthy limits and not get a stomach ache!

So when people ask why I made a blueberry peanut butter. Because I’m from Michigan, and in the summer, blueberries are what it’s all about!

Blueberry PB 2